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〇 小型のストーブを販売します。本体は約40センチ角 脚が35センチくらいの可愛いサイズです。

〇 今回は断熱煙突6インチ 2本(中古品)写真と同等品と、煙突固定金具(天井内用) 温度計をサービスします。(煙突は傷へこみコーキング跡がある場合がありますが使用には問題ありません)

〇 トップやシングル煙突他部材は別になりますのでご相談下さい。

〇 取り付け指導や墨出しなどは相談してくだされば対応いたします。

〇 地域により運賃が変わりますのでお気軽にお問い合わせください。 
販売範囲 日本全土


☆ W400STV☆

〇 A small heater is sold. About 40 centimeters of corner leg is about 35 centimeters of pretty size for the body.
Keeping warm is manufacturing the body by a plank, and is also good.

〇 It's insulated this time, a chimney 6 inch 2 (used article) picture, equal items and chimney fixing bracket (business in the ceiling) etc., I give my service. (There is sometimes a bruise dent caulking mark for a chimney, but, it's no problem in use.)
When cooperating with a chimney of a ready-made article and top, processing is sometimes needed a little. If I'm not the person who has an experience, degree DIY goods which aren't made of bolt on and a pong bill are sometimes difficult.

〇 Top and a single chimney part of other ones become different, so please consult.

〇 When installing it and consulting about guidance and ink excuse, it'll correspond.
There are no 2 by one off, so please consult about the worrisome one this chance by all means.
The delivery for which a mover was used basically isn't performed.
Makisiki will account, deliver it and explain construction technique, the isolation distance, a burned area and know-how with building flame construction.

〇 A fare changes by an area, so please inquire any time.
Sales area Japanese

☆☆ Which made them wait and was done
I'll begin an order for the delivery 2019 years and after 2 months. The number is also limited here, so when you can consult about installation rather early, it can correspond, so please take care.

Thank you 



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